Service Level Agreement

#Tech Helpdesk/Desktop Support >The Technology Department maintains an online Helpdesk system that users can access simply by creating a Helpdesk Ticket in Mojo Helpdesk. Please include a short specific description of the problem in the subject line. Messages sent to that address automatically get registered in our system, and within 24 hours the case will be assigned to a staff member. You should receive an email notification that a case has been opened, according to priority and time received. Further information regarding your work order will be communicated via this tool. ##Tech Dept/Helpdesk Hours of Operation Office Hours September-June (school year): Monday through Friday 6:30 am-3:30 pm *Note: With prior arrangements, we can usually assist with tech issues during off hours.* **Priority Level Definitions** *All Helpdesk requests are not equal. We make every effort to respond to issues and problems in a timely manner, but each case is given priority based on both severity and systemic impact.* **Emergency** Education cannot continue due to major technology issues. Immediate service required. For Tech emergencies, you may optionally call 4949¹. **Urgent** Education is impaired (but not stopped) in the classroom by technical problem(s). Problem(s) must be addressed within 1 hour/class period. **Normal** Education is inconvenienced but not significantly impaired. Problems must be addressed by end of next business day **Low Priority** This is an FYI - not necessarily a break/fix. ¹4949 is an emergency line, once a voicemail (VM) is left, an email is sent to all IT staff with the VM, the nearest technician will respond ASAP. For after hours help, please call 206-819-6864
Published on: 2017-11-08
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