My computer is behaving unexpectedly. What should I do?

Restart your computer. This can solve many unexpected behaviors. If that doesn't work, please open a Helpdesk ticket for service.

If restarting is not an available option, hold down the power key for a full 10 seconds to force-shutdown your device. Once shut down, start it again.

Some common symptoms of a needed restart:

  • Slow running
  • Does not connect to the internet/WiFi network
  • Does not print
  • Not connecting to projector/subpar audio/video performance
  • Blank screen (won't wake up) or white screen
  • Does not turn on or shut down

When you cannot access the restart option, hold the down power button/key for a full 10 seconds, release, try to turn your computer on again.
NB : If your computer tells you to not turn it off, be patient – it is probably installing an update or performing internal self-repair.

Failing the above remedies, open an emergency Helpdesk ticket; and please provide some useful relevant detail in your message:


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