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Tech FAQs - self-help

Getting started with our helpdesk software

Can I use email to reply to a ticket?

Yes – this is the preferred way to communicate in regards to issues specific to your Helpdesk ticket.

I'm getting an error on my computer. What should I do?

Take a picture of the screen with error (with your phone or digital camera) and attach it to a Mojo Helpdesk ticket.

My computer is behaving unexpectedly. What should I do?

Restart your computer. This can solve many unexpected behaviors. If that doesn't work, please open a Helpdesk ticket for service.If restarting is not an available option, hold down the power key for a full 10 seconds to force-shutdown your device. Once shut down, start it again.Some common sympto...

I think my computer has a virus. What should I do?

DO NOT CLICK ON ANYTHING!  Open an emergency Helpdesk ticket or call MojoHelpdesk at ext. 4949 - IT staff will be there presently.

How do I check status of a ticket?

Every time information is added to a Helpdesk ticket, you will receive an acknowledgement email from Mojo Helpdesk. Please communicate through the Helpdesk ticket – do not send a separate email.

Approving YouTube Videos for Student Viewing

Username/Password Conventions

Two different username conventions Usernames 1. For Joe Smith: lastnamefirstinitial (smithj) - students enrolled before 2022 (mostly) NOTE: when multiple students have the same lastname and firstinitial, additional letter(s) of firstname are added in order of enrollment date Joe S...

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